GHFC Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program

Homeowner associations and neighborhood groups in Garland are unique because of their passion for involvement and participation in the community. GHFC Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program is designed to better the City of Garland by promoting healthy, vibrant and beautiful neighborhoods in Garland.

Program Guidelines

  1. Applicant must be a HOA, neighborhood association, crime watch, community organization, non-profit organization, or similar group (no for-profit entities).
  2. The applicant and neighborhood must be in the city of Garland.
  3. The applicant can apply for a grant in the range of $1,000 to $5,000. For good cause, the GHFC Board may award a grant in a higher amount.
  4. A maximum of three (3) grants will be awarded each quarter.
  5. An applicant may receive one grant per year.
  6. Preference will be given to applications that: (1) are for capital projects instead of operating expenses, and (2) leverage matching funds.
  7. Applicants must submit copies of receipts to the GHFC on how the funds were spent within thirty (30) days of the expenditure.
  8. Applications must be received by the deadlines below. Late applications will be considered in the next quarter.


Quarter  Deadline Announcement Date
1st February 28 March 31
2nd  May 31 June 30
3rd  August 31 September 30
4th  November 30 December 31